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"Finally someone is giving you real answers".

We start your personal transformational journey by going deeply into the Hidden Knowledge of the Elite through an easy to use series of modules containing videos & information.

James offers a "cut the crap & look beyond the sound bites" approach to understanding how the Elite operate from business & finance to the hidden multidimensional realms and importantly you will learn techniques and information that will enable you to obtain a multidimensional perspective that will change your life.

This course compellingly gives you a cutting edge view of how the multidimensions really work. Finally, someone is giving you real answers as to how we are individually and collectively growing our consciousness.

You will also deepen your evolutionary understanding from some of the great scientific pioneers. Their knowledge together with James' new evolutionary hypothesis will help you to positively change events in your life and help you to understand your future. There are many exercises and easy to understand information in most of the modules.

For those who want to know how the Elite legally avoid paying inheritance & corporation tax, I will give you a PDF based  blueprint as to how they do this and it's not just the elite who are doing it, with the severe austerity that is around, many ordinary people are trying to legally save as much money as possible to pass on to their families.

We will also show you how to legally free yourself from the system, how the Elite enslave you and why this is happening.

An important module is to learn why Tantric Sexuality is key to understand and why the Elite try to stop humanity from experiencing this.

We explore the COMING DANGERS FROM THE NEW ELITE. I have been told there will be a huge worldwide event coming soon that will finally make everyone wake up to the elite control systems. This will be financial, war and multidimensional based and I will explain to you exactly what the Elite are doing with the new digital monetary systems and their planned cashless blockchain based society. So find how all this will affect you and the only solution you have to turn things around.

I will offer you the vision to not only understand multidimensional intelligence but also how to stop the Elites emotional implants; to understand how to free yourself from the system then acquire real knowledge and skills.

It's a Transformational Journey that will ultimately give you better insights into how your creativity & business can thrive and gives a deep truth about emotional energy and its evolutionary role that is connected to our souls.

The important thing is to make sense of it for your personal transformation. So you will get answers - real answers as to how‍‍‍ we can all turn round our global situation - how we can begin to plant seeds for a positive future.

 Multidimensional Creatives


Welcome to James Gordon Graham's 'Multidimensional Creatives'. In this space you will find unique Online Courses and Documentary Movies.

1. Hidden Knowledge of the Elite

2. Access to the Hidden Realms

3. Unleashing Business & Personal Creativity

James is a successful British Engineer and Entrepreneur who used new multidimensional principles to successfully run his software company that pioneered the first APP running on the Cloud. After starting with no money, it led to creating part of the early internet followed by a successful listing on the London Stock Markets.

Following a deep internal passion to understand the multidimensions, in 1996 he started a journey that would change his life. He travelled the world for 21 years developing unique evolutionary knowledge that is helping to integrate Multidimensional Knowledge, Emotional Healing and Personal Creativity. You will get an exciting new understanding of our evolution in consciousness.

Course 1

Hidden Knowledge of the Elite

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This new course is exclusively for those who want to develop their own multidimensional consciousness. This often starts with real healing and James offers a comprehensive course that starts with understanding how to heal through many of the exercises he was taught as he travelled the world. Then, through many psychic exercises you will learn how to open to the hidden realms . It is the next step in your awakening.

"I am calling the 33 module course 'ACCESS TO THE HIDDEN REALMS' and will be released in 201‍‍‍8."

"After we pioneered APPS running on the Cloud in the early nineties, I travelled the world learning from many thought leaders and mystics.

I was taught hidden teachings and had many Healing experiences. Through this I have developed unique theories that explain how you can develop your multidimensional awareness, heal and how to develop your creativity. I ultimately show a new hypothesis on how humanity evolves over many lifetimes.

I'm really excited to be able to share this knowledge with you."


James Gordon Graham



Course 2

‍‍‍Access to the Hidden Realms


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